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Transform your business’ landscape with our lifelike, durable, and cost-saving artificial grass products.


Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, which is why homeowners across


Our putting greens are versatile and can be adapted to all different styles of play — everything from fun for


Say goodbye to dead grass, mud-spots, holes and hard-to-clean pet messes Greenview Turf uses TigerTurf


Provide kids with hours of outdoor fun with Greenview Turf;s customizable, non-toxic

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Greenview Turf have been involved in the synthetic grass industry since the early adoption of the residential home communities. Since then, our products have grown and advanced into some of the most advanced synthetic grass products on the market today. We believe deeply in our products, services, and the need for environmentally friendly solutions that help us sustain our shrinking amount of natural resources. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most realistic looking and feeling synthetic grass products available alongside flawless installations to ensure our client’s happiness for years to come.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most realistic looking and feeling synthetic grass products available alongside flawless installations to ensure our client’s happiness for years to come.


Turfing Award - 2022

We holded best turfingservice award




Words From Our Customers

  •   great job. great communication. came on time. respectful, fast. thanks so much. will def use again!

    thumb Kyle K.

      This is the third time we used Albert and Greenview Turf - our backyard, our front yard, and just recently our driveway. Service is excellent, pricing is highly competitive, and the quality of the job is outstanding. Highly recommend.

    thumb Howard M.

      These guys did a phenomenal job. Very reliable and professional. We were scrambling to get our backyard done last minute for our son's bday party and they made it happen. Highly recommend.

    thumb Miriam H.
  •   Excellent Turf, Meticulously Installed

    Our old synthetic grass was in decent condition, but roots from a removed carrotwood tree had invaded and made the lawn a lumpy mess. We were dreading the prospect of removing it, digging up the roots and installing new turf, but it had to be done. I found that (A) many of the new turf products and installation processes are technically superior and more lifelike than our 15 year-old product and (B) that the marketplace is filled with contractors. Some contractors are not licensed (putting the homeowner at risk for liability and with little recourse if the work is poorly done) and some of them are not good at returning calls or keeping appointments.

    Greenview Turf, licensed by the CSLB, stood out from the time I first spoke with Albert, who showed up on time for our appointment. Although his quote was slightly higher than competitors' quotes, we had a strong sense that he is competent and knowledgeable. The product (Tencate/Tiger Turf) was unknown to me, but research found that it is a reliable company whose turf is made in the USA. Albert quoted removal and disposal of the old turf, removing the roots, re-compacting and laying new turf, all in a day.

    Albert let me know when his crew was on its way and would arrive on time at 8:00 AM. With a one hour lunch break, they finished at 3:00 PM. Ours was a fairly small job (500 square feet), and the crew of six worked quickly, yet meticulously. They all knew what they were doing and had obviously worked together before. It was a happy crew. I remember being impressed when the 2008 installation was done, but this was a step up in class. In addition to removing a lot of roots, they reinstalled the bender boards that the 2008 crew had not done properly, and it was interesting to watch the new-and-improved installation process. At the end of the day, they rigorously cleaned up the yard and left us with a job well done. Is there somebody out there who might be better, or might charge a bit less for a comparable job? Perhaps, but I doubt that you will go wrong with Albert and Greenview Turf. I highly recommend them and wish them continued success.

    thumb CD H.

      Albert was very reasonable in pricing, he and the Greenview Turf team were prompt as far as timing and delivered as promised. They cleaned up after installing the turf and the putting green area, now the backyard looks amazing. I strongly recommend.

    thumb Osama A.

      We love our turf -- but our dogs love it even more! Albert was wonderful to work with and gave us the most thorough evaluation from all the people who quoted us. We are so thrilled with how our yard and terrace area turned out.

    thumb Saba B.
  •   They did a beautiful job. Shopped around and they were not only the most affordable but had the best quality Turf and the longest experience working with turf. Albert also responded right away and was able to start the job very quickly. Would definitely recommend.

    thumb Sarah A.

      They did a great job and knocked out my backyard in one day. Thanks for making it look amazing.

    thumb Ron M.

      Great service! I installed new turf in my backyard by another company a few months ago before I knew Albert and they didn't do a good job. The previous company didn't install wheat blocker and wheat was growing everywhere and looked really bad. Albert was so nice enough to take my call and repair the issue. My synthetic turf looks great and am very happy w their service! Thank you Albert!

    thumb Angel A.
  •   We have worked with Greenview Turf on a few different projects and they're absolutely amazing! I highly recommend them to everyone!

    thumb Serdar Serge D.

      I did my research so you don't have to, this is the company to go with hands down. The quality and work is unmatched, great service, all done in just 1 day (started at 8:00am, finished at 6pm)! I highly recommend them to all my friends and family. Thanks again Greenview Turf! Ps: All my neighbors are asking for quotes already!

    thumb Heiddy G.

      Albert and his team were excellent. Albert performed a site visit / provided a quote on Monday at 4pm and his crew was onsite the following day at 8am to install. His team was professional, organized and clean. Great service!

    thumb Conner G.
  •   you can not go wrong with Albert and Greenview Turf! excellent communication throughout the process! Eight workers working on the project and only took three days to finish! excellent quality of work. highly recommend!

    thumb Debbie R.

      Albert and his team are a shining example of how positive a home improvement experience can be with the right company backing you.

    Cost - Totally competitive pricing but with a layer of professionalism that is increasingly rare. When you roll the whole experience in though - the speed, and experience and care Albert and his team exhibited - I feel like I was stealing from them!

    Speed - The time from getting a quote to the job being done in a little over 24 hours. Now that just happened to work out with with the scheduling but it was nice to not be jerked around.

    Professionalism - Started with the quote process. There was no upsell, just a price and explanation of the cost. Then, Albert worked with me to make sure we could get what we wanted and explained our options clearly. This guy knows turf and I trusted him more than any of the other quotes we got. The next day, his team showed up and took care of everything.

    By the end of the day, we had a beautiful, water free pet area that solved a large majority of the problems we had with our backyard while also creating a new space to hang out in the beautiful LA weather. My only regret is that I don't have more land somewhere so I could give Greenview Turf more business. I can not recommend them highly enough.

    thumb Kyle C.

      My experience with Greenview Greenview Turf made us very satisfied customers. Albert was by far the most knowledgeable out of the 4 turf companies we received quotes from. He even encouraged us to get other quotes with different turf companies so that we could make the best decision. While others kept calling and calling for us to hire them, he let us decide on our own.
    We really felt no pressure sales from him. We ended up choosing his company because we felt like he truly cares and I'm so very glad we did. He gave us a quote on Wednesday and he Installed 1400 sq ft of turf on Friday. The guys showed up in the morning and completely finished by 5pm. There are no visible seams even though there were over 10 of them. It looks so, so beautiful and we are so happy! Thank you Greenview Turf!

    thumb Cris R.
  •   Greenview Turf exceeded my expectations! Let me tell you the timeline:

    Tuesday afternoon I call and speak with Albert. He gives me a quote over the phone and says he'll be out the next morning with samples.

    The next morning, right on time, Albert shows up with many samples of high-quality turf to choose from. He takes measurements and gives me different options of what I can do. He gives me my quote and just asks me to let him know - no hard sell.

    I text with him throughout the morning with multiple different questions and he gets right back to me each time. He was the best price and best customer service so I decided to move forward.

    His crew comes out on Friday on time and gets the full job done in 1 day! From quote to completed job in 48 hours - amazing!!

    If you are considering getting artificial turf, please give Greenview a call. You won't be disappointed!

    thumb Adam F.

      I would like to make this a zero star. And report you to BBB. Your are threatening an unhappy customer because you don't have the courage to accept your pricing mess. You were shouting when asked for an explanation and this is the exact aggressive response you had given on the phone as well. You can't shut people up if they don't like your service or your messy response to all wrong pricing. Please read how rest of the business try to resolve their customer issue but your response is to as aggressive as expected. Hope you read your threading msgs when you write them or you write them in rage as expected. I am sure anyone who dares to disagree with your BS is automatically at fault. The essay you wrote to another customer who disagreed with you is also on full display and how you deal and respond to them. Did you threaten them too? Yes you did. Grow up Mr business man.

    Albert if you are going to send separate messages to me and than different msgs here than that's some mad shit. You are the only one by your own admission who talk to "all" your customers. So unless you have cloned yourself, you are the only one I spoke to. So please drop the act and this nonsense and talk to Yelp and show them how you respond with threats in your mindless attempt to make a God knows what point. You can't bully people but it's obvious you will try. So please continue and you will keep getting a response from me everytime you deliberately delegitimize any reviewers because you don't like it. Well we don't like your attitude either. So move on with the feedback or continue wasting time. Ans yes you shout and if this text had a voice you will hear it yourself. Yes your customer should know the way you talk and deal with feedback. No one care about a turf business to be there agenda. Please wake up, it's a review of how people see their interactions with you. I hope that is clear and helps you formulate a politer response next time when someone doesn't like your aggressive approach.

    thumb Me M.

      We had a great experience with Greenview Turf.
    The crew were so professional and polite.
    They deliver the job as they promise in 2 days, even though we add some extra last-minute changes.
    Honestly, I was so amazed at how quickly they finished everything.
    Our backyard and front house look so fresh and clean(it looks like a brand new house).
    We are so glad that we decided it to change our greens, and we got lucky to find Greenview Turf.
    I ll %100 recommend them to my family and friends, and for sure, we ll work with them in future.

    thumb Serena G.

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